Dog carrier

With this dog carrier, you won’t have to leave your pet at home ever again.

Made with anti-stain Aquaclean fabrics and with Safe Front treatment against bacteria and dust mites to keep your dog healthy. With these fabrics you can remove stains easily with just a cloth and water, and it is also easy to remove pet hairs, as they cannot penetrate the fabric.




  • Azul
  • Arena
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Take your dog everywhere with this dog carrier

bolso perro pequeño

With the Decoland dog carrier you’ll be able to carry your dog, cat or small pet with you everywhere, keeping them comfortable and safe.

Made with fabrics including the Aquaclean technology, so you’ll be able to quickly remove stains from everyday wear with just a clean cloth and water. They’ll disappear before your eyes! Also, this dog carrier includes a treatment called Safe Front, which protects the fabric against bacteria and dust mites, keeping your pet safe all the time.

Its simple design in neutral colours makes this pet holder easy to combine and very comfortable to carry. Also, it includes a safety lock to prevent your dog or cat from getting out of the holder, and therefore prevents accidents.bolso perro pequeño

Made with fabrics designed specifically for pets, this dog carrier is resistant and requires little maintenance. You will be able to remove hairs and dirt suitability. You can read more about our fabrics for pets in this link.

Take a look at our resting collection, such as for example our

so that your dog gets the best rest and can recharge its batteries to continue its active lifestyle and adventures.



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Azul, Arena


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